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Does My Business Need Social Media?


Are you sat there wondering if your business needs to be on social media? Read on... Social media channels help you connect with your clients or customers and sunsequently increases awareness about your brand. Define what you want to get out of social media! Pressence More Sales Shout about the services you offer People are

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Challenges of Social Media


Here I look at the challenges social media marketers face and how you can solve them efficiently. TIME No matter how much time you put into a social strategy, there is always a distraction. Are your deliverables clear? Organise specific time to focus all attention to social media. KEEP IN TOUCH WITH CUSTOMERS Social media is

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The Confusion Of A #Hashtag


The #hashtag symbol was once just an icon on our keypads which we rarely, if ever used.  The word hashtag has now been added to the oxford dictionary and the role it plays in digital marketing has grown rapidly.

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Are you violating copyright laws?


Are you violating copyright laws? Using other peoples images can be tricky on social media channels.  How can you make sure you do not end up with questions to answer, or even a fine?

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Build It And They Will Come


Build it and they will come? Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case anymore.  Facebook are making changes to their algorithms which affect the newsfeed viewing.

Build It And They Will Come2019-03-19T17:13:36+01:00

Facebook Live Video For Business


Facebook has now given us the opportunity to watch live broadcasts from our friends, and public figures that we follow.  When watching a live video, there will be an option to click and subscribe.  Once subscribed you will get a notification the next time that account starts a live video.

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The Changing Face Of Social Media


I recently was asked to speak at a marketing event on “the role and purpose of social media in the work place.”  Experience which was a little intimidating with so many people attending, but thankfully was met with some real passion and understanding.  

The Changing Face Of Social Media2019-03-22T17:49:14+01:00
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